If you’ve mulling around with the idea of launching a blog or website but you haven’t taken the plunge, or you’re still debating whether to do it, here are 5 good reasons you should start.

01. Having a blog gives you a platform to teach and speak out about things you care about, and your share insights/work.

Sure, social media is great, but it is limited. An Instagram profile, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel… It will only do so well if you plan to grow as a business or a content creator. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. But social media networks can always go down. I mean, it has. But… a self-hosted blog is something you own. You have total control about what it looks like, and if it goes down, contact tech support and they will be right on it (although, if you have a good web host, then you should not have any issues with site downtime. I highly recommend LyricalHost!).

02. Having a blog helps people get to know you.

Especially if you want to build a personable brand, having a blog really helps!

A pretty Instagram feed is great to look at, but people care about people, not faceless companies. They want to know the face behind the company. They want to see personality. That’s why blogging works so well.

A biz owner/blogger that shows expertise and enthusiasm for their work wins over people every time.

03. Your website/blog serves as a portfolio.

If you’re a creative freelancer or a service-based freelancer, you’ll need a website, not just a Facebook or Instagram. While you can use those to build engagement, those are still not your own website.

A blog can grow with you. Moreover, especially if you’re a freelance online writer, blogging helps you showcase your writing style, samples to others, and blogging will help you hone your writing skills regularly.

04. If you’d like a platform to share life insights or want to work with brands, blogging can be fun (and profitable) hustle!

Blogging is a great place to share what you love with others while partnering to promote the brands that you already love to support and use (such as travel products if you blog about it). For instance, lifestyle blogs can do well.

Popular Blogging Niches

  • Minimalism / Mindfulness
  • Family Life / Parenting
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Tech
  • Parenting

If you have a passion to educate, inform and spread awareness on a topic: Start a blog.

People who say blogging is dead is wrong – online biz is booming.

05. Blogging helps you expand your reach.

Do you know a lot about a subject (for instance: nutrition, personal finance, theory-proven childcare, mental health, digital media, business marketing) that you perhaps have a background or education in?

Maybe in person, you even teach or consult on the subject. But if you go online, you can reach a lot more people.

Or, on a more general level, are you the go-to person amongst your peers for advice or recommendations about everyday matters such as travel, baking, cooking, parenting, home decor, or DIY projects?

If people come to you asking for opinions or insights on a subject, its because they think you’re well-versed on the subject. All of us, whether we’re able to own it or not, have areas of expertise… Even if they’re really niche and weird, trust me, there are people out there that can find it useful or relate to it. I mean, it’s a big world out there.

Want to start a blog? Resources to Get Started

Lyrical Host: Hands-down the best web hosting company I’ve ever tried, and they offer free 1-click WordPress.Org installation. They don’t increase costs upon renewal, the customer service is good, they care about their clients and site uptown is good. Your website will be in good hands. Use my code ARIE10 for 10% off hosting.

Squarespace: Not tech-savvy? Not to worry. Squarespace is great and very user-friendly.

Canva: Need a place to create simple graphics for your website? Canva is free & easy to use.

Unsplash: Need free, commercial-use photos for your blog? Unsplash is my go-to photo source.

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Ariette Hung