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Hey biz owner - tell me the truth: are you writing good copy for your brand and showing up consistently?

If you’re being honest, you know the answer is probably no.

If there were words to describe you in biz, they’d be: Ambitious, authentic, agreeable, and awesome. 

So what’s wrong? Why aren’t people buying from you? You know your work is good.

Well, here’s a slice of humble pie for you:

  • Reality check #1: Your work/website may be good, but your copy [wording] needs work. People aren’t clicking because they aren’t being given a reason to be interested. Or unknowingly, you turn people away with poor word choice.
  • Reality check #2: You spend more time creating products/services than selling them.
Fortunately, these problems are 100% salvagable.

Copy that sings and brings in the cha-ching is all the difference between ads, emails, and a website that don’t convert browsers into buyers and ones that do. As a business owner, investing in copywriting and marketing is vital.

You can’t sell anything if you aren’t telling or compelling anybody about it. You also can’t sell anything if your words have no effect on others. There is an art and science to marketing with words, and that’s called copywriting. 

This is also where I come in.

As a conversion copywriter for creatives, my values & goals are...


Being available to answer your questions and serve you as you serve others!


Sharing resources and empowering you with email marketing and biz tips.


Helping you nurture your client relationships and email list with grace and gumption.


Working smarter, not harder. Helping you reclaim time for rest and balance.

Your messaging and work matters.
Share, connect, and sell with confidence.


Whether I’m working on your profile or sharing do-it-yourself templates with you, my goal is to serve with:

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