Hey, creativepreneur! Are you buzzing with ideas for your next project?

If you’d like to grow a blog or creative side hustle that makes a positive impact on the lives of people and helps pay the bills, you’re in the right place. My site is for big-hearted hustlers who want to make good on their goals and make a difference in this world.

Hi, I’m Ariette! 🙂

With a fancy for brunch, event planning, and books, I’m a Christian creative and grad student from Canada. Here, I share blogging, side hustle, and marketing advice.

I blog about how to:

  • Grow a profitable blog
  • Start or scale a side hustle
  • Use blogging and email to market
  • Write copy that compels and converts

I’m here to help you get the overwhelm away from running a business or an online presence because I genuinely believe that great businesses should be seen! Running a business, social media, marketing, maintaining a web presence… It doesn’t have to be a headache, promise.

Here at ariettehung.com, I am all about helping fellow creatives like you run your blog or business with effective strategy, simplified systems, personal purpose and wellness in mind.

My Story

I started reading and writing blogs on Tumblr and Blogger when I was a youth. Blogging became a creative outlet for me because I enjoyed writing and expressing myself through creative mediums. Back then, Bebo and Tumblr were really popular, and I played around with site design.

Over the years, I learned a lot. I am entirely self-taught as a blogger, but I took many free and paid courses in areas such as website development, graphic design, blogging, marketing, and social media so that I could uplevel my skills in those areas and apply them to my blog and biz.

When I graduated from university, I began working in my field while teaching English online and freelancing as a virtual assistant (VA) to entrepreneurs. I originally got a LinkedIn agency job where I trained in digital marketing working with C-level executives, managing accounts and generating leads, but I’ve moved from working with corporate clients to creative businesses. 🙂

Presently, I run this blog/VA biz on a part-time basis and I’m in grad school as a Masters student, studying Clinical Counselling. This blog is a passion project + side hustle.

This site’s history

This website began as a personal lifestyle blog but it has since gone through a rebrand to what it is today. This blog has now evolved to share blogging, biz and wellness lifestyle advice to fellow creatives. Here, I also provide virtual assistance to other entrepreneurs!

My Vision

My goal is to teach you how to use your God-given talents to grow a blog or entrepreneurial hustle. I will be sharing blogging, writing, heart-centred marketing, and business strategy tips. Welcome to your one-stop shop for digital content creation, organization, and copywriting!

You can start today!

Never sell yourself short, as we are all fearfully & wonderfully made.

Create a thriving online presence that grows your ideal audience, sustain a business built on passion and talent, and overall, do it all in alignment with your values and wellness.