• My Origin Story: From Hobby Blogging to Freelance Writing Online Today

    I often get asked by others how I got into freelancing writing online.

    My Writing History: A timeline

    My love for writing and digital creative media dates back to my childhood.

    Growing up, I always loved writing and reading stories, and I was raised in a family where some of my relatives were entrepreneurs. Inadvertently, I was inspired to follow suit in the form of writing.

    As a hobby, I played with blogging on sites like Blogger, Piczo (does anyone remember Piczo?) and Tumblr, building websites and customizing themes using self-taught HTML.

    Yes, I’m a bit of a tech nerd. I eventually found WordPress (which many non-tech savvy people find confusing) and started playing around with blogging on there.

    In university, I held summer jobs working for non-profit agencies where I could do a mix of general admin and writing. My responsibilities included writing sponsorship letters, soliciting outbound donation requests from external organizations, preparing for workshops by coordinating vendors, writing up flyers, assisting with general administrative tasks, and writing emails.

    I realized I was pretty darn good at “this writing” and administrative thing, and I discovered that many businesses hire people called VAs (virtual assistants) all the time.

    I realized I could use my blog to springboard VA and writing services!

    As my university graduation neared, I started looking into freelancing as a way to pay off student loans (especially since I had about $20k debt and still had plans to go to grad school).

    In 2017, I trained in lead generation and completed a brief internship in the field of corporate commerce, LinkedIn profile copywriting for C-level executives in the financial and tech industry.

    I worked with great clients, but ultimately, corporate writing wasn’t my cup of tea. I realized, what I really wanted to do, is write for creative clients, namely for online small businesses.

    Plus, working from my laptop was pretty cool. I could travel and still get paid for projects.

    As much as I didn’t mind the 9-5 life, I loved the flexibility of:

    • Setting my own hours
    • Being able to work from home, a coworking space or office
    • Taking a vacation on my own terms
    • Being able to travel
    • Being able to work AND travel at the same time
    • Being my own boss
    • Setting my own rates
    • Being in charge of how much I can make

    I run this blog/biz part-time but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    In the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about blogging and branding for creative biz, and I love all the opportunities and people that I’ve gotten to encounter.

    Since I’m mainly self-taught, people I knew in real life (IRL) began asking me for advice on starting side hustles, branding, getting organized, and copywriting.

    I realized this is something entrepreneurship thing, I could teach!

    Now, I’ve found my bliss: Empowering fellow creatives online with the power of words, so they can make an impact and income. Best of all? I can write and teach from anywhere with wifi with clients and students, anywhere. More than “just doing the work” for people, I’ve transitioned to a mentor mentality and people love it, too. It’s like how the saying goes, right? “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

    In the 2020s, my goal is to grow this online business and write more ? What are some of your goals for your business this decade?

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  • Welcome! The Journey Begins!

    Ahhh… The quintessential first post on every blog, the “welcome to my page” post! Hello!

    Hi, my name is Ariette! Christian creative. Chinese-Canadian. INFJ. Content writer. Loves: Charcuterie boards, cocktails + cottage trips.

    I help creative entrepreneurs master their brand storytelling + blogging for business strategies.
    If you’re interested in growing your impact and income online…
    I’m here to help!

    Presently (as of Sept. 2018), I’m a student — side hustling to pay for grad school!

    When I’m not labouring over schoolwork (joke, sort of) or stuck in a book, you can usually find me running around town trying different food, coordinating and planning events. For freelance writing, I mainly write about entrepreneurship, self-care, mental health, and I write for businesses.

    My other passions include serving within my church’s youth ministry, mental health literacy, sustainable living, saving money (all about that Groupon, thrifting, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Bunz life), writing, reading, personal style, travel, musicals, and indie music.

    Above everything, I do everything to the glory of God ?

    What this blog is…

    This blog will be a mix of personal + business.

    Here, I’ll be sharing tips on my blog on all things brand storytelling + blogging for biz 🙂 This certainly isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to blogging, but this is going to be my first business blog and I also plan to use this as a place to showcase my writing samples as well. If you’re still reading, thanks so much for being here. Browse the blog, check out my online offerings, and say hi!

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