brand messaging that connects and converts with your ideal clients.

Email + DMs are the name of the game.

imagine email working for you and you being able to...

– Tell, compel and sell to your exact ideal clients using the power of email (something that people check everyday, or at least regularly)? 

– Use storytelling and your unique voice to connect with your audience?

– Get your launches and sales in front of your audience without worrying if people have seen it because the social media algorithms changed AGAIN?!

It’s 100% possible. That’s why email marketing (brand messaging) is so powerful.

It’s still sales-forward, but it’s people + relationship focussed. Contrary to popular belief, you DON’T need a huge following or big ad spends (social media visibility algorithms are so finicky!), focus on email. Email is personal + direct.

Bottom line, people buy from brands that they ultimately like and trust the most, and nothing else is really as wholesome as some quality (virtual) pen-palling in this time, where people like connection and supporting small businesses.

Email is a way to share that you care + that’s what gets you business: When clients/customers and students feel seen, validated and valued by you.

And unlike talking to the masses through an ad hoping the right person sees it at the right time, or watching your favourite band but from a faraway seat, email is up close and personal, and it works wonderfully. It’s like a meet-and-greet with your fav celebrity backstage. No smoke and mirrors. Just organic connection.


what you get:

1:1 live email strategy audit + consultation

Valued at $300 USD per consultation meeting, I will live edit/audit and co-write your email templates with you to refine your brand messaging to match your unique voice and brand personality.

mad-libs, biz style templates

Don't pull your hair out trying to write emails, outreach messages, proposals, or DMs from scratch every time you receive a new question, opportunity, or inquiry in your inbox. Grab my DIY business templates (it'll make life easier).

email management

Organization is my jam, my friend (maybe because I side hustled as a wedding planner for a few years). Using tools like Gsuite, Trello, Flodesk and ConvertKit, I can help you build easy-to-follow and tweak email funnels and set them up to work on autopilot!

Want to work with me?

Since I want you to have everything you need (and nothing you don’t), email me for a custom quote. 

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