email got you overwhelmed?

If writing and sending emails causes overthinking and stress, or if you want to start an email list this year but need help, my inbox management + email marketing services may be for you!

why should business owners & e-comm bloggers focus on email and use it for brand marketing?

Email is a great way to communicate with your audience, in a very streamlined professional way. People use their email everyday. Even though people probably enjoy being on social media more, people still check their email regularly. And the people who aren't big on using social media? They use email.

Think of how panicked you felt when Facebook or Instagram went down a few years back. And email? Still there. Therefore, email is the best way to communicate with your audience -- not social media. Plus, email doesn't deal with pesky algorithms whatsoever, emails are received in the order they're sent.

You can use email to build connections with existing clients, customers and students, you can use it to talk with potential clients and students, but most importantly, if you want to make money online, you can use email for marketing (think of how many lifestyle brands you're subscribed to that sends you information about sales, and how you start online shopping... email marketing works!).

If you didn't know, email is an untapped goldmine.
Instead of spending a lot of money on daily ad spend, invest in good old email. People check their emails on a regular basis. If people like you or your brand, they give you their email. They're basically inviting you into their inbox! So, show up. Focus on brand messaging strategy. Connect with your people.

Email is a place where you can send business emails, yes, but it's also a place where you can share tips, stories, memes (when appropriate), and let your brand personality shine. Use email to open hearts, minds, and wallets.

brighten people's days by bringing some joy into their inbox.

my email services

Pick what you need. All pricing is in USD for non-Canadian clients of mine.

Payment plans are available (bi-weekly) upon request.

inbox managment ($400/month)

Need to know which emails require follow up, which emails need action/review, and which emails can be archived? I'll sort your inbox for you and answer all the emails that I can using effective templates that we prepare together.

weekly email writing ($200/month)

Need help writing and sending out a weekly email but don't have time to do it/don't like writing? Tell me what you need in your emails, and I'll write it for you! (If you need ideas for what to send to your email list, I've got prompts!)

marketing email(s) (custom - $125 per email, starting)

Need help creating a launch sequence/funnel or sale email for selling a big course, service or product(s)? With marketing in mind, we can co-create email marketing scripts that tells, compels and sells.

tools I use / that i am familiar using

- Inbox/Gmail Organizers: Sortd, Boomerang, Mailstrom, Email Studio
- Email Service Providers: Mailchimp, MailerLite, Flodesk, ConvertKit

ready to get better at email?

Shoot me a message to get started!