How to write a killer bio

Writing a great about page is an art and a science, much like baking. If you follow the right steps and incorporate the right ingredients, the end result comes out more successfully than if you guessed (real-life tip: Eyeballing will NOT work for baking… Please don’t.)

Here are 8 tips for spicing up your about page and getting your personality on paper…

1. Share who you are and your value proposition. Introduce people to who you are, what you do, who you serve, and what results/transformations you can provide for them.

Here’s something that may work for you:
“My name is [x], and I [what you do], for [who you serve]/I {the value or transformation I provide].”

2. Tell me about your wins and victories.

What big clients have you worked with? What changes did you give them?

3. Give people some context/history!

Tell me the best of times. When did you decide you wanted to pursue what you do? When did you start your business? Etc. A good example is’s about page!

4. Share what’s going on behind the scenes/fun facts.

What’s your personality type? What are you interested in? What do you do when you’re not serving your clients? Watch shows on Netflix? Try new recipes from Pinterest? Bake up a storm?

5. Write your bio in the first person (it’s more personable), but edit as if you are reading as a third-person.

This is good for catching errors.

6. Write like yourself in everyday language.

Do you actually say words like “Boss babe, are you ready to uplevel your biz?” in real life? Or “Hello darling, I’m here to help you wash your woes down the drain.” If your everyday language sounds more like, “Hey girl, I have just the thing for you!” then write like that. Don’t be overly formal. This is not an academic paper you’re writing.

7. Keep your storytelling concise and sweet. Don’t ramble or be redundant. Get to a point, not nowhere.

It’s not fun listening to someone ramble (without making a point) in real life, it’s not fun online either.

8. Include a call-to-action.

What do you want someone to do once they’re done reading your bio? Read the blog? Check out your services? Download a freebie? Join your Facebook group? You choose 🙂

Always have a clear “call-to-action” item and make it clear what you want people to do.

Marie Forleo, my business coach, says, always write with the “end in mind”.

Ariette Hung