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I help heart-centred creatives write web copy and emails that build credibility and relationships with their ideal audience. Ready to convert browsers into buyers?

Hey, i'm ariette.

Waving to you from Ontario, Canada! I’m Ariette – copy writer and email marketer for heart-centered creatives. Musical enthusiast, travel aficionado, and bookworm. To learn about how I got into online biz and copywriting, read THIS post for my origin digital nomad story.


What is copy writing and why should I care about it as a business owner/e-commerce blogger?

Simply put, copy is the writing that's associated with digital or print marketing. Copy is what you see on advertisements, services/sales pages, about pages, product descriptions, captions (if the goal is to sell or endorse something)... and yes, even in your emails. If you're in small biz, copywriting is part of your everyday life, whether you realize it or not.

Whatever you write on your website is critical. Beautiful visuals matter, but how you package your services, products, and courses in pretty metaphorical bows (copy) gets people interested, and that [copy] is ultimately what wins people over to making a booking or purchase.

Why the focus on email marketing? What about social media?

While I am active on social media and enjoy it, I believe that email is where it's at. I'm ALL about email. Simply put, for marketing, email has more going for them than social media.

Email is direct, personal and MORE effective than social media. While it seems like more people gravitate to social media, there's something classic in sending and receiving emails.

Think about it: Getting an email from a brand that personally calls you by name isn't like going to a concert and sitting far away, it's like having a meet-and-greet opportunity. It's kind of important when someone addresses you by name, right? Your brand messaging SHOULD BE personal.

 Plus, people use email regularly (for work, for online receipts, for sending files, etc.), so the likelihood of seeing your emails is high - social media and their algorithms? You're playing a game of chance, basically. Even the people who don't use social media have an email. 

Contrary to popular belief, email is thriving in the marketing world. Check out these stats!

If your email list is non-existent or needs TLC - I'm the girl to help you out!