Hey, i'm ariette!

My Journey and History (or should I say, her-story)

I’m a 1st gen. Chinese-Canadian individual, born to immigrants and brought up in a Christian home. I’ve always believed in the value of hard work, helping others, using my gifts, and living on purpose. In university and grad school, I studied child psychology and clinical counselling (I’m a huge neuroscience and MBTI nerd, basically). By day, I volunteer at a non-profit and I’m a therapist-in-training.

Being an enneagram 2, a helping profession was a natural choice. I’ve always loved helping people (I even dabbled in wedding coordination and design for a bit!). I’ve also simultaneously always been creative: A choir kid and vocals major throughout high school. Hobbyist photographer. A writer (I low-key love writing poetry and short stories). My teachers recommended me to go to arts school.

Even though I ended up pursuing a more “stable, professional path” in university and grad school (after all, I majored in Child and Youth Care and Clinical Counselling, not Creative Industries or Social Media), I still wanted a creative outlet on the side. Since I loved to write, I started hobby blogging as a creative outlet, which consequently “accidentally” kickstarted my online side hustle.

In 2017, as a new grad, the job market search was tough. But fortunately, I am a resourceful millennial (LOL), turning to the web, searching up “work-from-home” job opps (gotta love Google). I did my research. I read blogs.

I decided to start an online business as a side hustle since it had low start-up costs and I could work from my laptop. Since I already had a blog, I rebranded and used it as an online content creation portfolio. I offered freelance writing and virtual assistance (VA) work, getting my start working with clients online doing lead generation and copywriting with an agency that offered me training.

Getting paid to write and do freelance VA work online validated to me that I could make money from home, and I started investing in business coaches and online courses to learn as much as I could. Since then, I haven’t looked back — I love what I do because I can help people from the comfort of home (realistically, a coffeeshop), and it connects me with amazing women in creative industries!

Most importantly, it’s a business that frees up time to serve, read, and hang out with my loved ones.

It’s been quite a journey. There’s been trial, stress, and error. But on the other side, there’s also been incredible collaborations, learning and growth. Entrepreneur to entrepreneur, I know that being in business means we experience mess, but also magic.

Seeing what works, what doesn’t, I’ve sought out to create a consulting experience for creatives to help women with big dreams change lives using their unique, God-given gifts. Whether you run a product or service-based business, or you sell coaching services, my goal for you is simple: To help you grow your brand authentically, organically, and maintain your business with less burnout.

As a heart-centred creative, it is my goal to help others grow and scale their businesses online so they have more time to have a life, to be with their families, to go on vacation, and just enjoy life. I’ve traded working for corporate companies to working with women-run, family-first, and small businesses because I love the creativity, heart and humility behind homemade brands.

If what I said resonates with you, and if you’d like to collaborate or work with me, I’d love to do a coffee chat with you! At present, I’m taking a limited amount of 1:1 DFY clients and you’re more than welcome to join any of my online courses/workshops at anytime! They’re completely virtual, go-at-your-own-pace, and you can learn everything I share from the comfort of your home.

What past clients/students have said

  • Ariette makes all the confusion of copywriting turn into a concise plan! She helps you relax, be yourself, and puts everything you’ve wanted to say about yourself and your business into proper and fun words that match your style. She’s so nice and patient. Totally worth it!

    Alejandra Deliz, Commercial/Lifestyle Photographer
  • Ariette helped me clarify areas of my website that kept me stuck. She came up with words and phrases that were exactly what I was looking for but didn’t think of. It was nice working with another creative that understood what I wanted and made it come to life. She’s brilliant with getting creative with words and was a pleasure to work with.
    Kavita Lagalla, Founder of the M.E. Institute
  • I loved working with Ariette. She reviewed my website copy online and gave me constructive feedback on things that I could change to better attract my ideal audience to my content. She also shared examples of websites with good copy and gave me some copy that I could tweak. I’m very satisfied with her work.
    Nicole Salgado, Ethical Style Blogger
  • I got to (virtually) work with Ariette on copywriting for my editorial + lifestyle photography brand, where she helped me craft my bio into something that resonates with my values and personality. As someone who hates writing, she asked me all the right questions, gave me some great tips and ultimately guided me through the process until we created a bio I loved and was proud to publish on my website. She was easy to work with, very friendly and professional. Highly recommend reaching out to her for all your copywriting needs!

    Jazmina Alzaiat, Editorial Photographer
  • Ariette was responsive, relatable and effective. She made the time to reply to follow up questions and even sent a personal note weeks later, to support. Highly recommended! You go girl!

    Amber de Wal, Corporate Business Strategist
  • Ariette was a dream to partner with. After working with me to understand my goals and skills, she used my tone of voice to produce an informative, well-written blog post for my website. Patient, kind, enthusiastic, I would recommend Ariette to everyone who needs support any and all things content.

    – Hannah Taylor, Online Business Specialist
  • I cannot say enough good things about Ariette. I have struggled so much with putting together my online course content and Ariette has helped and guided me through the whole process. I absolutely love working with her! She always makes herself available when needed and she is genuine about helping others. I would highly recommend Ariette to help with your course creating needs!

    Stephanie McDaniel, Women’s Life Coach

Biz Education

I’ve received business coaching and education from some of the best of the best: Marie Forleo in her signature B-School program and writing program, Abbey Ashley in her strategic and comprehensive SavvySystem training for virtual assistants, and Launch1M (course and marketing training) with Sarah & Dillon King. I’m also always continually learning and taking courses (I love learning).

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