Here are some of the common mistakes people make when starting a side hustle.
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Mistake 1: You created a side hustle that isn’t aligned with your passion and purpose.

You might be skilled in what you’re doing but you don’t put your heart and love into it, and people can tell. Also, you are more prone to burning out because you don’t love what you do.

Consequences… It can leave you emotionally and financially broke. Your side hustle makes you feel frustrated and tired. It creates stress, thereby takes a toll on your health.

What might be the reason(s) this has happened… You didn’t stop to clarify or make a vision plan, you just jumped in. You also might’ve started your business in a niche that’s profitable, but you don’t personally have any passion or sustainable interest in it.

The longer you are unclear and unmotivated, the more frustrated you will feel…

The Fix – Actually do something you love, are good at, and want to do.

Figure out…

  1. What lights you up – what are you good at and enjoy?
  2. Your vision – what do you want your business and life to look like?
  3. How will your business give you what you want?
  4. Your motivation – why are you hoping to start a side hustle?

Mistake 2: You are self-blocked by your own mental limitations of fear, doubt, and anxiety.

I know, I know, starting a side hustle is scary. And of course, I want to validate you in your feelings and thoughts around fear and doubt. I get it, I know what it’s like to be anxious.

When I started my event planning business in 2017, I had no idea where it would go. I was nervous. But thankfully, I had a lot of supportive friends and family (to this day) who cheered me on and helped me with my first few events, projects and styled shoots as I started up.

The thing is, if you don’t do, you will never know. And I don’t want you to have regrets.

Trying not be morbid — but all our time on Earth is limited. If you let fear, doubts, and anxiety hold you back, then you remain stuck. And do you really want to live never trying?

Fear, doubts and anxiety are only mental barriers. They are overcome-able, and doing that is completely figure-outable.

The Fix:

  1. Seek out a counsellor or friend who can help you through your feelings and negative automatic thoughts that trigger anxiety, fear, or doubt in you. There is transforming power in therapeutic talks!
  2. Find a business mentor or coach. This can be someone in real life, that is in the same industry (or similar) to you that can give you their perspective and talk shop with you. Having coffee or meetings with this person might help you gain confidence.
  3. Take an online course in entrepreneurship so you feel more knowledgable and comfortable with things like marketing, finances, website maintenance, etc… Because trust me, when you start a side hustle, it comes with all these things, and you have to get onboard if you want your business to scale. If you’re a complete newbie to biz, I highly recommend Marie Forleo’s B-School program, which opens only once a year, every year.

Some reflective and practical questions to ask yourself when considering starting a side hustle or refocussing your biz…

  • What’s holding you back, and how can you overcome it?
  • Who in your life can keep you accountable to your side hustle goals?
  • Who in your life can help you achieve your side hustle goals?

Identify these things and it will clarify what you can do next.

My encouragement to you…

Starting a side hustle can be incredibly enjoyable, and rewarding.

You can get a return for your investment of time, money, and effort if you are doing something that you’re both passionate and good at because there are always going to be people who want your service or goods. We live in a world where there are billions of people. Your people (your ideal client, customer, audience or reader) are out there.

When it comes to starting a side hustle, it takes strategy but it starts with a vision. Never start something in which you can’t see why. I mean, you wouldn’t go on a road trip without looking at a map or planning, right? (Okay, maybe if you’re a spontaneous person.)

But point is, you need to know where you’re going before you go. So, refocus. Today, go back to the basics. Start with defining your vision. Strategize. Once you have a plan, implement.

You can, and will, do amazing things.


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Here are some of the common mistakes people make when starting a side hustle.