A list of my recommended web hosts! 🙂


A UK-based hosting company run by a husband and wife team. Jenni and Joe are very caring and tech-savvy people that you can trust your website hosting needs to. Your website will always be secure, fast, and SEO-friendly (a fancy, tech way of saying Google will pull it up on searches if you’re blogging strategically). Jenni and Joe are also very friendly, warm people and they even have a Facebook community for Lyrical Host bloggers/biz owners to use to network, collaborate on ideas, and talk with one another. Whenever you have a tech issue, it’s always Joe that replies so after a while, it’s like you guys have built a little rapport! Haha! It’s the web host I use and love, love, love.

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USA-based hosting company. It’s a large company, so it doesn’t have that small business feel, but they are undeniably reliable. Similar to my experience with Lyrical Host hosting, my website always had good uptime, it was fast, and I enjoyed receiving hosting with them. The only thing is I prefer supporting small businesses more, and the tech support always felt impersonal/distant since it was a different person answering my questions every time. But if that kind of thing doesn’t matter to you, Siteground is a great web host and I stand by it. P.S. Pricing is slashed for the first year, but the prices go back to their typical rates upon renewal. Just to give you the head’s up. 

**Peep their Black Friday sale- it’s 75% off!


Canadian-based hosting company, a mid-sized one compared to the other two mentioned above. I’ve just started hosting my other (new) website with them, and so far, so good. Similar to SiteGround, their pricing goes back up to its normal after the annual renewal, but currently, their Black Friday deal offers web hosting for $1 only! So if you secure the 36-month plan, you can get web hosting for $36 for the next 3 years. Um, can you say, deal?! (And it’s not just cheap, too, the quality of their web hosting service is pretty good.