May 2020 Update: You need to join GOOD (relevant, high quality) and engaged group boards. Or else you have really random pins showing up on your feed.

Community is great 🙂 Community on Pinterest means group boards.

Group boards are great for growing your biz on Pinterest because it’s a place where you can pick up new business and blogging tips from others, and pin your own content, which can be reshared by group members to another group. Here are the ones that I love.

(P.S.: To join a group board, you must email the group board’s admin with your Pinterest email to request a join, or you can click the link. Some of these might be closed, but you can always try applying, nonetheless! My group is new, so it’s open for quality pins!)

First off the bat, here’s mine:

The Online (B2B) Creatives Pinterest Club

Use the link above to join if you’re an online creative that offers B2B services.

Blogging / Business

Motherhood / Parenting

Home / DIY

Beauty / Fashion

Social Media

Health / Fitness

Graphic Design


Group Board Tips – if you join/own one:

  • Join ones that are engaged and on-point with the content that fits what works best for your blog, brand or business.
  • Don’t over-join too many or you’ll have too many random pins on your feed. Keep it within your niche/target demographic.
  • You can pin manually, or schedule it using something like Tailwind App. Use my personal invite for one free month of Tailwind on me! (Valued at $9.99 USD/month).
  • Keep your pins looking lovely. You can use one of my graphic templates here!
  • Don’t pin the same post 10x… You can create multiple pin covers for the same blog post but even then, space out your pins so that it’s not spamming the group.
  • Fill your group board not just with blog posts but with lead magnets, so that people gravitate not just to your website but end up becoming subscribers to your email.

If you have any group boards, please comment them below so we can join!

Ariette Hung