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I help creative entrepreneurs grow their website traffic and email list online with Pinterest using content strategy, search engine optimization, and pin design.

if you didn't know, pinterest is awesome.

Pinterest is not actually a social network.

I mean, when was the last time you were social on Pinterest?

Rather, Pinterest is a search engine with a human user element. 

Chances are, you’ve gone on Pinterest to look up recipes or DIYs.

You might’ve used Pinterest to plan out your visual goals for a new home, or event.

You might’ve bought a product from Pinterest because it fit what you were looking for.

Your home feed probably populates pins that Pinterest believes you’d be interested in.

That’s because Pinterest aims to understand its users so it can show them exactly what they like, and that’s why creative businesses need to get on Pinterest because many of their ideal clients are there.

pinterest is a search engine

Brand visibility + awareness is the first step to gaining brand fans.

A great way to get your work discovered? Pin them to Pinterest.

Blog posts, product images, video stories, you name them. 

So, if you’re a product-based or service-based business, get pinning.

The trick to doing well on Pinterest is using the system & optimizing your content so your pins gets views, saves and clicks. Let’s get you pinned!

why use pinterest?

let's review some pinterest stats...

My Pinterest services are for e-commerce bloggers and busy creativepreneurs who want to drive more leads to their website and email list.

All my services include Pinterest design, analytics tracking, and customized pin design. Based on pin numbers and content needs, package prices vary. Prices in USD. 

** Pinterest is a search-engine, so it will take up to 3-6 months days to yield full results. 

Due to this, a 3-month commitment is required. 

Monthly + quarterly payment plans available.



Ideal if you are brand new to Pinterest, or to using it for business:

    • Creating and/or converting your existing account to a Pinterest account
    • Writing SEO, keyword-rich descriptions for 10 new boards with Pinterest covers and adding a minimum of 10 pins per new board that I create 
    • Sourcing 5 niche group boards and applying to them
    • Optimizing existing boards or auditing which ones to delete/private/merge
    • Validating rich pins, verifying your website, and using Tasty Pins as needed
    • Access to my manual pinning eCourse 
    • Demo of native Pinterest scheduler


  • Ideal for new accounts (under 6 months) or for accounts that haven’t been active
  • Daily pins: 10-15 high-quality pins using Tailwind App*
    ** If your account is brand new, I will start with 5 pins a day then increase it gradually so that Pinterest will note acc. activity without being flagged as spam
  • Monthly pins: approximately 150-300 total every month
  • 10 new branded pin designs every month
  • Pinning/scheduling of new blog post pins and products from your website
  • Writing keyword-rich descriptions for new original pins (SEO-friendly)
  • Set-up and automate pins with Tailwind App
  • Sourcing niche group boards and applying to them
  • Optimizing existing and new boards/pins
  • A monthly reporting growth in your account
  • Plus access to my manual pinning eCourse


  • Recommended for older accounts with more content needs (6 months+)
  • Everything included in the Bronze Package, PLUS:
  • 20 new branded fresh pin designs every month
  • Optimization of any new boards/pins
  • Maintenance of your Tailwind tribe
  • Sourcing and applying to Tailwind tribes
  • Daily pins: 20, monthly pins: up to 600 (curated and yours)


  • Recommended for brands with an active, good Pinterest presence, and simply requires ongoing maintenance and marketing, includes promoted pins**
  • Everything included in the Bronze/Silver Package, PLUS:
  • 30 new branded pin designs every month
  • Optimization of any new boards/pins
  • Maintenance of your Tailwind tribe
  • Sourcing and applying to Tailwind tribes
  • Daily pins: 25, monthly pins: up to 750 (curated and yours)


  • This can be one-time project or an ongoing add-on to a package
  • 7 bespoke pin designs $75, 14 pin designs $125, 21 pin designs $250
  • Files delivered via original Canva link, or .png, .jpeg, .gif, or PDF format

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