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  • 5 Ways Blogging Can Grow Your Brand Awareness, Authority & Income

    Benefit 1: You build brand awareness.

    Blogging allows you to show who you are, and what your brand/biz is about.

    On your blog, you can…

    • Share tips and advice in your niche
    • Answer questions clients have
    • Show behind-the-biz stories

    Benefit 2: Blogging consistently helps with your brand’s search engine optimization (SEO) online.

    For the best SEO events, your posts must contain relevant and useful information that Google or any other search engine will regard as important to show to people using their search engine. Let’s say you’re a family photographer in your home city, let’s say you live in Vancouver, B.C.: You want your name to come up when people search up “photographer in Vancouver”.

    For best results, blog at least once a month. Weekly posts if you can.

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    Benefit 3: Develop relationships with clients.

    Do your clients ask you questions?

    It might help to help them out by creating informative blog posts that can answer their questions, and these can be useful because you can refer future (and existing) clients to the post whenever it’s relevant.

    For example: Let’s say you’re a wedding planner, and a client asks you what questions they should ask a venue manager when they are doing venue tours. Why not make a post?

    For a content upgrade, you can also create checklists and resources that clients can purchase (or if you’re feeling generous, they can download them for free).

    Benefit 4: Create opportunities for sharing.

    Got beautiful photos to share from a styled shoot? Or have beautiful photos of your work? Blogging creates wonderful opportunities for people to share your work with others because it’s super easy for anyone to grab a link and send it to a friend.

    Make your content sharable-friendly by making your posts personable and informative, and it’ll help future and existing clients connect with your brand better.

    Benefit 5: It’ll drive clicks to your website, which can lead them to your products, services, and courses.

    Blogging is great because sometimes when someone ends up on your website because of a blog post, they end up clicking around and checking out the rest of your site.

    If you sell any of the following on your website:

    • Consulting
    • Photography
    • Lifestyle: Cleaning, design, etc.
    • Virtual Assistant Services
    • Styling/Design Services
    • Public Speaking Engagements
    • eBooks, cookbooks, workbooks
    • Workshops, e-courses, web classes
    • Clothing, accessories, or home goods

    Or so on, blogging will benefit your business greatly!

    Ways to get people to your blog:

    • Promote new blog posts to your email list and Facebook / Twitter
    • Create “pinnable” images and pin your graphics to Pinterest
    • Make sure your posts are optimized for SEO

    In a nutshell, blogging is great for your business. Yes, it takes consistent hard work, but if you do it right, you can create consistent results with it and grow your brand sustainably.

    What do you think of the concept of less work and more results?

    Time to start blogging!


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