how to create a free resource library

  • How To Build a FREE Resource Library In Google Drive

    When it comes to running an online business or blog, getting people to join your email list is key. In my experience, one of the top-performing lead magnets is free resource libraries.

    An easy, inexpensive way to create a resource library?

    Make it right into Google Drive!

    But first, what is a free resource library?

    (for those who aren’t familiar with the concept)

    A free resource library is a digital archive of files that people can access.

    Examples of items to include in a free resource library (varies depending on your niche):

    • eBooks
    • Worksheets
    • Checklists
    • Copy Templates
    • Printable Recipes
    • Printable Organizers
    • Printable Art Prints
    • Stock Photos
    • Budget Planners
    • Wedding Schedules

    In this post, I’m spilling the beans on building a freebie library in Google Drive and how to share it.

    Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

    How To Create A Resource Library in Google Drive

    1 | If you don’t already have one, create a Google account, and open Google Drive.

    2 | Create a folder and name it “Free Resource Library” or whatever you’d like to call it.

    3 | Design your freebies in Canva, Word, Publisher, Adobe Indesign, whatever you like, and upload the finished files (PDFs) into the Google Drive folder.

    4 | Set the sharing settings on the folder to “people with the link have access can view”.

    • Make sure you select “people with the link can view” and not edit so that people cannot modify the folder but they can download items from the folder.

    5 | Send the link to new subscribers in your welcome email.

    Why use Google Drive to host your freebie library? (A few reasons…)

    1 | Lot of file storage, free up to 15 GB per email account.

    2 | You can protect your files through specific links.

    3 | Many people who use Google Drive for cloud storage – they’re already familiar with it.

    4 | Less of a technical headache. You don’t need to learn a new platform (e.g. Podia) to host your files, and you don’t need to set up tripwires through your email platform. Just send your subscribers to a link and they’ll receive access to your freebies at once.

    It’s a great way to build your freebie library and you don’t need to:

    • …Clutter up your website storage with files. Some people have their library hosted right on their website using a plug-in, and frankly, big files will slow it down.
    • …Pay for a membership on Podia (or whatnot) to host your files.

    Personally, I love hosting my library through Google Drive and think more people should go this route because it is a rather simple and a super cost-efficient way to create one!

    Call to Action: Go ahead, and go create your free resource library right into Google Drive.

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