start a blog in 2020

  • Limited Time: Black Friday 2019 Blogger Deal for Beginners – FREE blog set-up!

    ** As of Nov 2019: This offer is now closed but if you need WordPress site set-up, message me and I’ll set you up with my WordPress wizard! **

    Ready to have a beautiful blog for your business or favourite topics in time for 2020?

    New year, new decade. It’s cray-cray, in a good way.

    I know some of you have a goal of starting a blog in 2020.

    But, you know, why wait? I mean, yes, you can “launch” in 2020, but you can start now.

    If you’ve sat with the idea of starting a blog for a while but have felt bogged down by the tech stuff, I’m here to help. For a limited time only (you must claim it by the end of the Black Friday weekend), I’ll build you a self-hosted WordPress blog for free!

    In order to receive this service, you must meet the qualifications.

    How to claim this FREE offer!

    Step 1: Use one of my web host recommendations:

        1. BlueHost
        2. HostPapa
        3. SiteGround
        4. LyricalHost

    ** You must use my referral links in order to redeem the free service – they are specific to me. In the spirit of transparency, I do receive an affiliate payout — it won’t cost you extra — and that’s why I’m offering this free service to you, it’s a win-win situation all around. 🙂

    Whichever you use is up to you, it’s personal preference. I’ve personally experienced web hosting with all of them at one point in my blogging career, and they’re all good.

    LyricalHost is my favourite though, as they’re a small business and I love that.

    Step 2: Send me your receipt (forward me the invoice email) and host login details so that I can get to work on building your blog.

    Once you purchase hosting with my referral, forward me your receipt at

    We’ll hop onto a 1:1 conference call so that I can better understand your blog vision, let you choose a theme from my menu, and then I’ll build you a blog within the week.

    To be totally clear:

    * This service I’m offering is valued at $120 USD and I am offering it for free, so I have a limited quantity available. It covers initial set-up with 1 premium theme installation and freemium plugins, however, any nitty details (such as photos or written components) must be provided by you. I will take care of the technical side of putting the blog together for you.

    Step 3: After we hammer out details, you will receive your brand new blog after 1 week and it’ll be ready.

    So if you’ve been putting off starting a blog because it will take “too much work”, I’m alleviating some of that initial load. While you still need to do the actual blogging yourself, the first step of getting set up with a blog will be done. And I’ll be there for you to send over some resources to understand cPanel and the dashboard if you’re new to WordPress.

    The turnaround time for a new blog is 1 week.

    For full details, see my Build My Blog listing.

    Just think, in one week, you could have a blog up and running.

    So, what are you waiting for? Come on now, this deal is limited and free*! 

    Even if you personally don’t need this service, chances are you know someone who does. Maybe you’ve heard them say, “I’ve always wanted to start a blog”, or maybe you’re in one of those beginner blogger groups with people who are totally stressed about the technical side of setting up a website… Do you know those people? Spread the word! 

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    Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

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