Ahhh… The quintessential first post on every blog, the “welcome to my page” post! Hello!

Hi, my name is Ariette! Christian creative. Chinese-Canadian. INFJ. Content writer. A virtual assistant (read: tech geek / VA) for e-commerce bloggers and business owners. 

I help creative entrepreneurs master their brand storytelling + blogging for business strategies.
If you’re interested in growing your impact and income online…
I’m the word nerd + e-commerce VA to help you out!

By day, I’m a grad student (studying clinical counselling) and by moonlight, a passionate writer. As a child, I loved staying up late reading and writing short stories, and as an adult, I am still very much in love with words… #bookworm #wordnerd

When I’m not labouring over schoolwork (joke, sort of) or stuck in a book, I enjoy running around town trying different food, coordinating and planning friends (fun fact! I’m wedding coordinator certified and run a side hustle doing that). In this freelance writing biz, I mainly write about entrepreneurship, self-care for hustlers, and blogging for biz.

My other passions include serving within my church’s youth ministry, mental health literacy, sustainable living, saving money (all about that Groupon and Bunz life – that’s where the savings and deals are at, you know?), writing, reading, personal style, travel, watching musicals, and indie music. Above everything, I do everything to the glory of God ?

What this blog is…

This blog will be a mix of personal + business.

Here, I’ll be sharing tips on my blog on all things brand storytelling + blogging for biz (that includes email marketing, Pinterest marketing, and tech tutorials, don’t you fret), plus using this platform to sell consultations, courses + resources.

This certainly isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to blogging, but this is going to be my first business blog as a virtual assistant (VA) and a freelance writer. Thanks so much for being here. Browse the blog, check out my courses, and stay a while!
Ariette Hung